We increase
your hospital’s
installed capacity

We increased the bed rotation by 10%.
We cut replacement time by 60%.
80% of discharges happen before noon.

A team with experience in world-class companies

Our product

We offer a digital, automated and integrated solution with high-standard engineering and German know-how that ensures optimization of the installed bed capacity in inpatient and intensive care services.


Bed and operating room management

Reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Optimization of discharges

Timely patient discharge and optimization of the substitution interval.

Admissions and transfer management

Reduction of bed assignment time and waiting time.

Digitalization of diets

Reduce operational inefficiencies and improve timeliness of service

Hospital stay prediction and management

Reduction of inactive stays.

Communication channel

Improve communication and reduce downtime.

Hospital status analytics

Analysis available 24/7 to evaluate and make informed decisions.

Our clients


Frequently asked questions

Does the platform integrate with medical records and ERPS systems?

Yes, with all those on the market.

Is it possible to try the product before buying it?

Yes, we offer a pilot test to demonstrate the operational and financial impact of our platform.

Is the platform in the cloud?

Yes, it is a cloud-based web service.

Do you comply with data protection standards?

We comply with European GDPR, American HIPPA and Colombian Law 1581.

Our team

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